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Last modified: February 28, 2019
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Arrangements for a CTR should begin at least two weeks before the meeting. The person whose care and treatment is to be reviewed will be given information about the process and a My Care and Treatment Review booklet. They will be asked to consent to the review taking place and to say whom they would like to be involved.

If the person consents to the review taking place, another booklet called My CTR Planner will help them prepare and plan for the review and what happens next. It also has a consent form to fill in. The planner can either be filled in on a computer, or printed off and filled in by hand.

Appropriate support should be provided to help the person fill in all the suggested information in the planner. This will not only confirm their consent but will also help them record their views which can be shared and heard at the meeting.

If the person lacks capacity to make a decision about the review, a best interests decision will be made on their behalf. If an independent advocate is required, this will be arranged at the same time and appropriate support provided. 

You (the family member concerned(1)) will also be contacted by the commissioner (or their representative) at least two weeks before the CTR. The commissioner will ask if you would like to be involved and, if so, whether you would like to attend in person, or remotely by telephone or video conference. You will be sent information explaining the CTR process with details of the names and roles of those on the review panel. If a best interests decision has been made, the family member should ask who carried it out and how. Family members should respond to the invitation as soon as possible. If you will only be available for part of the day, make this clear. If you have additional needs or need help to attend, let them know.

(1) if the patient is 16 or older consent is required

If you are unable to attend, ask the inviter if it will be possible to rearrange the CTR to help you fit it in with your other commitments.

Tips to help you prepare:
  • Make/check travel arrangements; 
  • In the days before the review, use a small notebook to make two lists of questions:
        • one list for your conversation with the independent member of the panel;
        • a second list for anything you may want to ask at the meeting itself;
  • Try not to worry about the review because it is a process to help you have your say;
  • Consider drawing up a list of contacts using the template provided;
  • Prepare a list of current medications, their action plus any side effects;
  • If you have notes from the previous CTR, get them ready to take with you;
  • Read this Survival Guideif you have time to find out more about related topics; 
If you have time to find out more about related topics:
  • There is a blank contact sheet on page 46 of this guide which you can use to note important contacts.

Further information 

For more information on preparing for the CTR, please see page 23 of Care and Treatment Reviews (CTRs): Policy and Guidance available on the link below:

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