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Last modified: February 28, 2019
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The request for a CTR can be made by the following people(1): 

The CTR can be requested at any point along the inpatient pathway when there are concerns regarding the suitability of the service and/or of the treatment plan, the individual’s safety and wellbeing, and/or if there is no clear discharge or transfer date and plan.

Requests for CTRs should be directed to the CPA care coordinator. His or her first response should be to address the concerns that have led to the request as promptly and thoroughly as possible, potentially mediating any concerns or dissatisfactions without the need for a review. Should the applicant continue to feel that a CTR is necessary, then the care coordinator will contact the commissioner who will process this request according to locally established protocols and respond to the request for a CTR.

NB: The CTR request should not be regarded in itself as a form of complaint and should not be handled through usual complaints channels.

Further information

For more details on how to request a CTR , please see the flow chart on page 38 of the Care and Treatment Reviews (CTRs): Policy and Guidance. Similarly the pathway for Care, Education and Treatment Review on request can be found on page 54, both available on the link below: 

For easy-read version of this guidance, please see page 13 of My Care and Treatment Review, available on the link below: 


(1) if the patient is 16 or older consent is required

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