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Last modified: March 12, 2019
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Our Education Guide to SEND Education (England) provides lots of useful information and resources for families trying to understand the SEND education system in England.

  • What is SEND
    • Myths
    • Defintion of SEN
    • Definition of Disability
    • Definition of Special Educational Provision
    • Four Broad Areas of Need
      • Communication and Interaction
      • Cognition and Learning
      • Social Emotional and Mental Health
      • Sensory and/or Physical Needs
      • What is the purpose of the four areas of need
  • School Duties
    • Myths
    • Duty to admit
    • Improving outcomes
    • Identify and Address the SEN of pupils
    • Assess, Plan, Do and Review
    • Reasonable Adjustments
    • Medical Conditions
    • SEN Information Report
    • Staff Roles and Responsibilies
    • Admission and Treatment
    • Preventing Discrimination
    • Involving Parents
    • The School Website
    • School Funding
  • Education Health and Care (EHC) Plans 
    • What is an EHC Plan
    • Does my child need an EHC Plan
  • EHC Assessment
    • Myth
    • Apply for an EHC Assessment
    • What is an EHC Assessment
      • If the assessment is refused
    • What should the process involve
      • Co-ordination
      • Timescales
      • Exemptions to time scales
    • Who is involved
  • EHC Plan – Sections
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
    • E
    • F
    • G
    • H1
    • H2
    • I
    • J
    • K
    • The Golden Thread
  • Therapies
    • Section C or F
    • Local Policy
  • Involving Parents
    • Section 19 C&F Act
    • Code of Practice
  • Reviews
    • If your child in on SEN Support
    • How often should EHC Plans be reviewed
    • What is an Annual Review
    • Do parents have any input in an Annual Review
    • Who is invited to an Annual Review
    • Notice of an Annual Review
    • If amends are made to the Plan?
  • What if my child’s needs are not being met?
    • The Complaint Process
    • Write to the LA
    • Write to the Department for Education
    • Write to Ofsted
    • Judicial Review
      • Legal Advice
    • Local Government Ombudsman
  • Appeals and Mediation
    • What is a Tribunal
    • Time Scales for Appeals
    • Mediation
    • SEND Tribunal
    • Refusal to Assess
    • At the Tribunal hearing
    • Tribunals Decision
  • Exclusions
    • Myth
    • When can a school exclude
    • Tendency to physical abuse
    • If your child is excluded
  • Home Education
    • Deregister tour child
      • children with EHC Plans
    • Further Information
  • Home to School Transport
    • Eligibility
    • Distance to School
    • Suitablility of Travel Arrangements
    • Paying for Transport
    • Transport for post 16 – 19
    • Safeguarding and Training
    • Home to School Transport Appeals
  • Dealing with meetings
    • Getting Ready
    • At the meeting
    • After the meeting
  • The Law
    • Primary Legislation
    • Secondary Legislation
    • Supplementary / Guidance
  • Other Useful Links
    • Social Care
    • Education
    • Transport
    • Health
    • Support
    • Legal Resources
  • How to look after you too

With thanks to:

Thanks go to Marc Carter, Emma Murphy, Isabelle Garnett and Ian Penfold who all read through this tome and provided feedback and content ideas.  Their input was invaluable and we are eternally grateful.

Thanks go to Karen Askham of SEND Karma who provided information on exclusion case law.

A big thank you goes to the people and organisations – such as Steve Broach, Luke Clements, Janet Read, IPSEA, Council for Disabled Children and SOS SEN – who provide so many readily available resources for families, free of charge.  Their work made our research a lot easier.  Our guide does not replace their resources, it merely helps parents to find them easily.  

Thanks go to Awards for All – who provided funding for this Guide.

Special thanks to Bringing Us Together’s Katie Clarke for securing the funding for this guide and for holding down the fort while Debs plodded on with this.

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