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Last modified: March 12, 2019
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How do you get your One Page Profile into your child’s school or young person’s college?  Obviously, some schools are much more open to new ideas than others, some will welcome anything that benefits the children with open arms.  Some, however, are so snowed under (or not keen to try new things) that anything new may seem like an extra chore.  Then, of course, there are the schools who love the phrase “we’ve always done it this way so……”

Parents are usually the driving force for change.   Getting our heads around thinking in a person centred way and not waiting for a practitioner or the school to tell us how to do it will keep us 10 steps ahead and also be a way of helping kids to be at the centre of their own lives.  That is what the Children and Families Act 2014 is supposed to be all about.

Tips from families:

We asked on social media what tips other people had for getting it into school. 

We had lots of responses and wanted to share them with you here:

  • I introduced the idea of one at the Annual Review meeting.  Having everyone in the room made it seem easier.
  • I asked the school if they would help me to produce one for his transport (as it was constantly changing).  When they got involved, they suggested we have one for school too.
  • I spoke to my son’s TA who had heard of them but wasn’t sure what they were.  So I produced a draft One Page Profile and asked her to help me complete it.
  • I sent a note in my daughter’s contact book along with a One Page Profile template saying I wanted to produce one and could they help?
  • I asked for a meeting with the school SENCO and discussed them with her.  She then took them to the Head who liked the idea.
  • I wrote to the SEN Governor at the school as I had already met them at a coffee morning, suggesting they would be good for all their SEN children.
  • I went to an IEP meeting (with a copy I had made earlier in my bag) and brought them up there.  The class teacher loved it and could see the benefits straight away
  • I went along to a discussion about managing behaviour at the school and talked about them there with the other parents, we then produced them together and approached the school at the next coffee morning.
  • I found as much information as I could on-line about the benefits for the school before I approached them.
  • I showed them the benefits of using Staff One Page Profiles.

One thing that came through from families is how important it is to make the school part of the process.  Get them involved.  If you want them to be part of it, ask their opinions and views.  Ask them for their input for each section so they know their input is valued.

Schools and colleges need to be working in a family-centred and person-centred way.  One Page Profiles are a useful introduction to person centred practices.

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