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Last modified: March 12, 2019
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Meeting with families on 30th November 2016 held at National Children’s Bureau, London.

We have heard so many heartbreaking and horrific stories over the last few years from  families who have loved ones held in inappropriate in-patient settings.   We decided to focus on two in-patient settings – Hospital X & Hospital Y.  Due to the number of people we have met with similar experiences we felt the bad practice their sons & daughters were subjected to was far more than coincidence.

The anonymity of both hospitals and the young people and families involved has been preserved throughout this short report.

We liaised with Challenging Behaviour Foundation and Respond to send out our invitation to as many families as possible.  We shared the information through social media and through our networks including Choice Forum.

We had a number of responses from people unable to attend due to personal circumstances.  Many of the parents and family members are unable to travel long distances and face incredible amounts of stress.   Many have tried for a long time to challenge the system and have put in formal complaints, serious case reviews and are now thoroughly despondent, lacking energy and can no longer “fight” back.  Their individual battles and experiences have led to their own post traumatic stress, anger and tiredness.  Some of them have had huge expenses as a result and many are unable to work.

The full report can be downloaded below

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