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Last modified: February 28, 2019
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Let’s look at planning your month ahead using your Brain Dump and to make it seem less like a big chore, let’s make that monthly plan rewarding.

Monthly Plan

Plan your month aheadWe have produced another download for you.  Again, just click on the link at the end of the article (attachments) and you will be able to download the Monthly Plan list.

How do you use your Monthly Plan?

It’s quite straight forward.  Planning doesn’t need to be arduous and time-consuming.

Grab your brain dump.

Look at the items on your “must do” list.  Do any of them have a due date?  Forms to be filled in and sent off by 20th May?  Phone call to make by 10th May?  Tax Return by end of June?

Each week add a few tasks from your Brain Dump, start off with the items that have a due date.

Add 3-5 tasks per week.  These are your must-do items for that week.

You will see, however, that each week has a reward column.

These are items from your “want to do” list.  Choose one thing each week as a reward for completing the other, often boring or emotive, must do items.

Think of it as Monthly Planner Bingo!

Get a line, win a prize.  Each week, give yourself a small reward.

If this appeals, then even consider a monthly reward if you get a Full House.

Grab your notebook:

You can either download the Monthly Planner or, if you have decided that this year you will use those notebooks you keep buying just because they are too gorgeous to leave on the shelf, then do a monthly planner across a double page spread in your notebook.

Don’t forget to reward yourself.  These small rewards help you to feel motivated to complete the not so nice tasks and hey, if you have consumed a few frogs, then you deserve something which brings pleasure.

The rewards can be anything you like, they don’t have to be off your “would like to do” list.  Perhaps you want to download a new book or spend an hour on Pinterest?  Perhaps you want to work out a cycling programme or watch a football match?

Whatever brings you pleasure – reward yourself.  As L’oreal says “you’re worth it”

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