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Last modified: February 28, 2019
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In the Summer of 2017, one of our Directors (a parent carer) suffered from ill health but never mentioned this on social media.  However, in September, she decided to let people know, as a way of explaining why she was limiting the work she was taking on.  

She was amazed how many other parent carers came back and said Me too.

The majority of these parents had not shared this publicly so we started to wonder how many other parent carers were out there, suffering in silence, without support.

The Questionnaire:

We launched a quick questionnaire asking parent carers about the impact their role had on their health.

We asked parents a number of questions, all based on their health and the support they had asked for, received or, as we found, they didn’t even know existed.


1,087 people responded to the questionnaire.

  • 1,081 were parent carers
  • The remaining 6 were either siblings or grandparent carers.

Future Work

We also asked parents if they wish to be updated on future work or involved in any future projects.

The full report is available below

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