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Last modified: February 28, 2019
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What does Person centred mean?

When you start talking with people about person-centred anything, it starts to get confusing.  People will call it different things and often people have different understandings of what each of these mean.

We hear of Person Centred approaches, plans, practices, reviews, thinking and tools.  So what do they mean?  Are they the same thing?

Person Centred definitions: 

Person-centred approaches refer to the way that we work with people – using a person-centred approach and keeping the person at the centre.

Person-centred plans are specific styles of planning, for example, PATH and MAPs.

Person centred practices is the term used for both person-centred thinking tools and practices that combine different tools, for example person-centred reviews.

Person-centred thinking refers to a range of practical tools that people can use with individuals, in teams or organisations. They include learning logs, four plus one questions, working and not working from different perspectives.

If someone tells you that the way they work, plan or make decisions is person-centred, but the evidence doesn’t show them supporting these values, then the chances are they are either a) trying but without enough knowledge or b) just not doing it.

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