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Last modified: February 28, 2019
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There are many tools and for many families, who don’t use them, it is frightening to think about where to start and so daunting as to what it really means.  Here is a brief description of some of the tools.  There are several more but these are the ones we feel will be of more use to you as you start looking at working in a Person Centred way.

Communication Charts

How does your child or young person communicate?  Allows time to focus on what they are saying.

Doughnut Sort

Specific responsibilities of people within your child or young person’s life.  Is it a paid role?  Is it essential?

Four plus One (4+1) questions

What have we tried?  What have we learned?  What worked?  What didn’t?  What next?

Good Day/Bad Day

What does a good day look like?  What does a bad day involve?  What can we do to ensure we have more good days?


Provides a positive picture of your child or young person.  Identifies their gifts, contributions, what is needed for their contribution, and how to develop opportunities for them to contribute.

Matching Tool:

Matching skills and characteristics

One Page Profile

A one page summary – quick introduction – to your child or young person


PATH is more looking at goal setting.  What is the dream?  Where are we now?  Identify the steps to get to the dream.  Identify the possible hurdles and how to overcome them.

Relationship Circle:

Who is in your child’s life?  How important are they?  Do they need work?

Sorting Important To / Important For

Differentiates between what is important to your child or young person and what is important for them.

Traffic Lights

What do we want to stop?  What do we need to work on?  What do we need more of?

Working/Not Working

What works for your child or young person?  What doesn’t work?



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