Using the thinking behind a One Page Profile to plan for the future?  

Last modified: February 28, 2019
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Katie has been using this over the Christmas break with her daughter, the gorgeous Nadia.

Katie and Nadia’s planning

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in the wonderful company of one of my favourite people New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – my daughter Nadia.

It was perfect timing not to have any Personal Assistants around and to have the opportunity to do some reflection and some thinking together in preparation for next year

We have done lots of person centred thinking in our house for many years.  The thinking behind a One Page Profile has become the norm and so Nadia and I got out the flip chart paper and the pens (although I am not a graphic artist by any means and can’t even draw a stick man!). 

What worked last year?

The place we started was to think about what was good last year – the idea being to then think of doing more of the good to make next year even better!  There was no point in fixing things that definitely are working and don’t need fixing!

I think we were both surprised that many of the things Nadia likes doing were things with her family – especially when it came to holidays (paid for by us of course!) and going to concerts which is something all 8 of us love doing together.

The reflection and thinking took about an hour.  Nadia uses an electronic communication aid and sign language as she is deaf and has no speech.  She would not let me leave her side even to make a cup of tea until we had finished the first poster!

From the What was Good about last year it was obvious What Was Important To Nadia – family, gigs, holidays, feeling included, trips away to London and doing work that made a difference, talking about current affairs, her dog etc.

This will help in making sure that her Personal Assistant are able to support her to do the things she likes doing and that are important to her.

What didn’t work last year?

We then looked at the What was not Working last year –  these were the things that she was going to “chuck out” and “get rid of” – this was a good time to have a fresh start.  She wanted all her Personal Assistants to support her to make the necessary changes in her life to move onwards and upwards.  We called this poster The Worst Bits About last year.

The next thing we thought about was her job next year.  We went through all the things she Likes when it comes to a job, and all the things she is Skilled at.  This took about one hour and I sat patiently (now both with drinks and food to sustain us) whilst she used her communication aid.  Every so often she wanted her dad to come in (her favourite person!) to see what she had said.  As she wrote on her communication aid I scribbled down what she said for a record.

Planing for next year:

This felt a real achievement and then led to our planning for next year which is, and will continue to be, work in progress throughout the year.

Instead of feeling tired Nadia felt invigorated, listened to, in control, and in charge of her life.  I was just the scribe and the facilitator.

Next year is going to be a year of lots of fun, laughter, family, learning, music festivals, work, holidays and doing the things she feels included and part of such as Rainbow House (Conductive Education physiotherapy on Fridays), going out for meals and seeing friends, theatre and cinema, reflexology and swimming.   Other than the physiotherapy everything else is non specialist.

Now we are busy planning again and getting the calendar on the walls sorted out and organised.  Leaving some space for spontaneity and last minute ideas.The rota is filling up quickly too and PAs are queuing up to go to concerts and festivals.  I have put my name down to do a bit of Natural Support – to go and see George Ezra with her!  I love him even more than she loves Ed Sheeran!  Actually Nadia has said she is going with me to support me not the other way round!

Hoping your future is very person centred and you do more of the things you like to do and less of things you don’t like!

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