When I am gone

Last modified: February 28, 2019
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It’s the thought we all have but rarely say out loud.

What happens when I am gone?

We have found a few posts and sources for information

Charlie at Our Altered Life has written a few articles about it.  A huge thanks to her for allowing us to share them on here.

What will happen to my disabled son when I die?

What will happen to my son when I die?

Financial Planning for My Disabled Son

A financial plan for my disabled son part 1

Planning for the future – wills and trust for disabled children

Planning for the future; Wills and trusts for disabled children (part 2)


A financial plan for my disabled son – the trust fund

A financial plan for my disabled son (part 3) The Trust Fund


Sense Charity also ran a campaign about the importance of this subject and have produced a download called When I am gone

When I am Gone



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