Ban disproportionate restraint on disabled children and adults and listen to them in court. Children disabled or not, should not be subject to disproportionate restraint.

The crown office does not accept medical notes, hospital statements and pictures of the bruising as compelling evidence. The crown office should be doing more to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

Why is this important?

My daughter who has Prader-Willi Syndrome was disproportionately restrained by four male staff at school. The restraint technique used was degrading and humiliating for my daughter. Two of the staff were charged by police. My daughter had numerous bruises all over her body after being restrained.

The crown office has decided to take no further action as my daughter is unable to give evidence in court due to her disability. The crown office actions are denying my daughter access to a fair hearing on the grounds of her disability.

This is important as our most vulnerable people need to be protected. The justice system hasn’t protected my daughter and I never want this to happen to anyone again.

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