One of the key features of the new Survival site is that people can feedback to us.

This is anonymous feedback so it is difficult to say thanks to those who take the time to help out and we really do want to show them how much we appreciate this.

We have therefore decided to do two things with feedback.

  • A regular post to say thanks and to share with you the feedback and what we have done as a result.
  • A section at the bottom of any article with feedback, sharing the feedback and what we have done as a result

We don’t want to pretend we know everything and we are delighted at the standard of feedback we have received this week.

Article Feedback:

In School Exclusions, the feedback was “it might be helpful to have a link to the Exclusion Guidance here, as Head Teachers must have regard to this too“.

  • Added a section under the post called useful Links and added the guidance.

In Therapies in EHC Plans, the feedback was “Great article! Just to expand on what you’ve said – the Children & Families Act s.21(5) says that health care or social care provision that educated or trains the child/young person MUST be considered educational provision and MUST go into section F of an EHC Plan. Also section C describes health care needs – health care provision is section G. Hope that’s helpful.”

  • It is very helpful.  Have added the information to the post. Thank you

In School Duties – with or without an EHC Plan, the feedback was “Hello. Love the website! You have slightly misinterpreted the Children & Families Act however. The duty on schools to admit is under s.43. S.39(4) applies to the local authority when naming a school in an EHC Plan.  Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Thank you so much.  We have made the amends and are really grateful for you taking the time to feedback.

In Living with behaviour that challenges, the feedback was “A lot of families living with Pathological Demand Avoidance also experience Challenging Behaviour, or behaviour which challenges.”

  • This article is in our Avoiding Crisis Survival Guide.  This guide is aimed at families with children/young people with Autism and LD at risk of entering an Assessment and Treatment Unit or similar hospital placement.  So we have added a new article called Behaviour that Challenges and added the links suggested by the feedback together with some other useful information.



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